MSD has commissioned an evaluation of the changes to services to minimise the impacts of sexual harm. The evaluation aims to:

  • Assess the implementation of service development and outcomes of specialist sexual harm services
  • Evaluate the changes in each service type and the extent the services achieve the desired aims
  • Evaluate the extent the service changes as a whole improve access for people who need the services and reduce the impact of sexual harm.

The evaluation will provide information to inform the case for the budget bid for 2019 to secure funding for future years.

How we would like to work with SSHS providers

MSD has given us a list of providers to get in touch with. We want to hear from providers about their organisations, the work they do and the data they collect.

By talking with providers we will be able to finalise our evaluation plans, develop performance monitoring tools and quarterly reporting dashboards.

Over the coming weeks we will be getting in touch with providers to:

  • Hear about their services
  • Explore how client outcomes are/will be measured and information collected and how we might access de-identified client data for analysis. If appropriate, we will offer to help providers set up a simple online reporting template
  • Ask for input in our development of a frontline staff survey which we will send out every year for the next three years
  • Liaise on how we can send out the first wave of the annual frontline staff survey
  • Explore how we might invite appropriate clients to share their experiences of the service with us

Over time, we will send providers:

  • Annual analytical reporting and six-monthly progress reports – these will be A3 size ‘dashboards’
  • Information from our six-monthly interviews with providers about the ‘why’ aspects of progress towards outcomes. This will show what is working well and the reasons for any potential challenges.

Our team

Debbie McLeod
Debbie is based in Wellington. Debbie has over 30 years’ experience leading and managing research and evaluation projects and teams in the public, private and academic sectors. As director, she takes a leadership role in all projects and has overall responsibility for all Malatest products.


Tania Slater
Tania cropped
Tania (Ngapuhi) is based in Wellington.  She has over 20 years of experience interviewing.  She has worked on many projects to help improve health services for Māori.


Carmel Peteru
Carmel cropped
Carmel is based in Auckland. She has twenty years of experience working in Pacific research. She has interviewed Pacific people and communities and has been involved in projects about sexual violence, family/domestic violence and mental health.


Stewart Graham
Stewart has been a research analyst at Malatest International since 2014. He is based in Wellington. He has completed hundreds of interviews with a wide range of people including many young people, people with mental health issues and disabilities, health professionals as well as a wide range of others.


Catherine Hay
Catherine cropped
Catherine has experience in analysing a wide range of data for various multi-sector assessments and evaluations. Catherine became part of the Malatest International team mid-2017.


Concerns or questions

If you have any concerns or questions at any time you can call Malatest free at 0800 002 577 and ask for Tania or Catherine. We are grateful for your time and keen to be of assistance any way we can.