Our mission is simple: to provide the information you need to make a difference

Who We Are

We are New Zealand based, Pacific focused, evaluation and research specialists helping to build lasting value within the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our team has extensive experience across in New Zealand and overseas. We have a track record of successfully applying our evaluation and research expertise to projects spanning the health, finance, education and training, justice, tourism, housing, social development and disability sectors.

Our depth of knowledge provides for considered and evidence-based recommendations. We understand and are sensitive to corporate culture, risk management, financial constraints and timelines. We will give you the information you need in the form you need it when you need it.

We are tier 2 members of the Business and Finance (Tranche 2) category of the All of Government procurement system.

Where We Work

We have team members in Wellington and Auckland. We are flexible and can travel to other New Zealand localities. Our Auckland office is focused on evaluation and research in Auckland, especially work that will support Auckland’s Pacific communities.

The Way We Work

We work collaboratively with our clients and are motivated by a shared sense of purpose. Our account management model provides you with a single point of contact for key communication. A director will always be assigned to you as a point of contact for negotiating terms and conditions, providing open feedback, identifying and managing risk, ensuring a quality product and ultimately creating a partnership to ensure your needs are met.

We place priority on delivering a high quality product, on time and to budget.

We are committed to ensuring the protection of your privacy through responsible personal information management.

We offer a New Zealand based team of experienced, professional evaluators, backed by a larger Canadian firm that assures access to technology, infrastructure and resources. Resources available include a sophisticated CallWeb system for programming and managing online or telephone surveys, three call centres and several options for statistical software.