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The table below lists our current projects. If you have any questions about a current project, please contact: or click here for more contact details.

Client name Project
  • Evaluation of the Perform pilot
  • Evaluation of Mental Health 101
Borrin Foundation
  • Evaluation of the Special Circumstances Court
Centre for Social Impact
  • Evaluation of the Mana Moana leadership experience
  • Evaluation of the Ease up programme
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Business Events Research Programme – including the Business Events Activity Survey and the Business Events Delegate Survey (click here for a copy of the latest BEDS report or BEAS report from MBIE)
  • Review of external provider reporting for Settlement Services
Ministry of Education
  • Te Rito (Student Information Sharing Initiative) ESR Process and Outcome Evaluation
Ministry of Health
  • Evaluation of the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Service
  • Evaluation of the Tu Kotahi pilot
Ministry of Social Development
  • WhatAboutMe? The national youth health and wellbeing survey – more info here
  • Evaluation of the Building Financial Capability Services initiative – more info here
  • Pacific Young People’s Understandings of Family Violence
  • Evaluation of the Step Up programme
Oranga Tamariki
  • Evaluation of the Supported Living Extension
  • Evaluation of Youth Transitions
  • Evaluation of the Social Bonds Initiative
  • Evaluation of Tane Whakapiripiri
Tertiary Education Commission
  • Evaluation of the Migrant Futures programme
Vaka Tautua
  • Evaluation of The Heilala Fungani and Savaliga o le Filemu parenting programmes