Project Description

Sorted Whānau – financial capability building for people with harmful gambling (2014 – 2018) – Ministry of Health

We worked alongside Raukura Hauora o Tainui (Raukura) and the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) to develop Sorted Whānau: Financial Capability Education and Problem Gambling programme for people with harmful gambling. Programme development included a needs assessment and evaluation of a pilot programme delivered for Raukura clients. The evaluation used a mixed-methods approach. A logic model and evaluation framework provided the theoretical foundation. Information was collected using surveys and in-depth interviews with the Raukura team and clients.

2016 Evaluation report

We submitted on the findings of the Sorted Whānau programme informed MOH’s Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm 2016/17 to 2018/19, which made a commitment to research into a national programme for budgeting and financial capability for Māori and Pacific problem gamblers. You can access the report by clicking here or pasting this link into your browser:

2019 Extended pilot evaluation report

The report and findings have also been used to extend the delivery of Sorted Whānau to six Māori and Pacific gambling treatment service providers across New Zealand. We evaluated the extended pilot and our report for this can be found by clicking here or posting this link into your browser:

Learnings: In evaluations of pilot programmes the evaluation team have a key role in working alongside experts and the provider teams to use evaluation as part of a continuous improvement process. This project demonstrated how a service provider, topic experts, evaluators and clients came together to develop an effective educational programme.