Project Description

The vision of the Partners in Care programme is to influence a fundamental shift in the engagement of health consumers from ‘passive recipients’ of their health care to ‘active partners in care.’ As active partners, health consumers will be involved in decision-making in the care they receive, and in the service design, delivery, policy and governance of the health and disability sectors in New Zealand.

In Year 4 of the programme, Malatest International was contracted to evaluate progress to date and provide recommendations for future steps.

The evaluation included:

  • document and literature review
  • surveys of 30 Commission staff (completed by 30), 159 organisation stakeholders, eg, district health boards (DHBs), primary health organisations (PHOs), government agencies and 127 consumer representatives
  • interviews with 46 stakeholders, including Commission staff, organisation stakeholders and consumer representatives.

The final report can be found here: