Project Description

We were awarded the contract for the CRP in 2012. It encompasses two surveys: the Convention Activity Survey (CAS) and the Convention Delegate Survey (CDS).

The CAS collects data from the conference venues in 13 of the Convention Bureaus around New Zealand. In total there are 350 venues who are asked to record data on every event they hold with more than 10 attendees. The data is recorded through an online data entry portal secured by a username and password. The data recorded is commercially sensitive so data security is a priority. In total, 4,000 to 7,000 events are recorded each quarter.

The CDS is a survey of 2,500 people who attend multi-day events held in New Zealand each year. The survey is promoted to delegates through professional conference organisers and other event organisers, primarily through email invitation. The survey asks about the amount of money spent over the duration of the delegates’ trip to the event, so it can only be completed once the delegates return home. The survey uses a registration process so that if delegates have not yet arrived home, they will be sent an invitation to the questionnaire once they do. We have an automated system of reminder emails that are sent at weekly intervals following the return home date.

Reports for the Convention Research Programme are produced by the Ministry using the data we collect. They are available at: