We’d like to ask you some questions about your entitlement to remain or return to living with a caregiver through Oranga Tamariki. What that means is you can stay with or go back to living with a caregiver from when you’re 18 until you’re 21. Oranga Tamariki have asked us to find out what young people and their carers and whānau think about the ETRR – what’s working well with that entitlement and how it could be better. We are also interested in how people hear about it and how they plan where to live after they leave care.

It’s not an evaluation of how well you’re doing individually, but of the programme as a whole.

Everything you say in this interview will be confidential – nobody else will know what you have said to us. Oranga Tamariki won’t have any information that identifies you, and whether you take part or not won’t affect the services you receive. You can decide not to answer any questions you’re not comfortable with or stop the interview any time you want.

What you say will be combined with what everyone else we speak to says and used to write a report for Oranga Tamariki. We will be very careful to make sure nothing in the report identifies you. We will not use your name in the report.

If you have questions about Entitlement to Remain or Return, or any other Oranga Tamariki or Transitions questions, please call their Transition Support Service 0800 number – 0800 55 89 89.

If you are interested in talking to us about this please call Kerehi on 0800 002 577, or text her on 021 545 325.

For more information you can download the documents below.