News and updates
For news and updates about the evaluation please see our latest Building Financial Capability Evaluation information sheet.

You can download the latest news and updates information sheet for the evaluation here (PDF).

About the evaluation
The Ministry of Social Development funds the delivery of Building Financial Capability (BFC) products aimed at building the financial capability and resilience of New Zealanders experiencing financial hardship. MSD has contracted Malatest International to evaluate BFC and its products over a five-year period. The evaluation will help to make evidence-based decisions about the overall effectiveness and impact of BFC products as well as providing information for continuous improvement.

Focus of the evaluation

  • Targeted. Assess the extent to which BFC products are well targeted to building the financial capability and resilience of New Zealanders experiencing the highest levels of hardship.
  • Client experience. Learn about how clients experience BFC products and the difference they make to their lives, their family and whānau.
  • Effectiveness. Examine the effectiveness of BFC products in building the financial capability and resilience of New Zealanders experiencing hardship.
  • Impact on return on investment. Review the long-term impact and return on investment of BFC products.

Summary of findings from the BFC Plus interim report
BFC Plus is an interim product being co-designed by MSD, the BFC Trust and the wider BFC sector. BFC Plus is designed to reach individuals, family and their whānau currently experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, severe financial hardship.
We recently submitted a finalised formative evaluation of the BFC Plus interim product. The evaluation included hearing from service provider staff, managers and clients.

You can download an A3 summary of the findings here (PDF).

Community Case Studies
The delivery of BFC products does not happen in isolation from the communities where people live. BFC product delivery and outcomes are influenced by the mix of people in the community and how they work together, availability of other services, and opportunities and challenges that exist locally.

We are doing six in-depth community case studies as part of the overall evaluation of BFC. The first three communities are East Bay of Plenty (Kawerau, Opotiki), Porirua, Central Otago (Alexandra and surrounding small communities).

We are interested in how Work and Income, service providers of BFC products and initiatives, and the local community work together ‘on the ground’ to improve outcomes for people in hardship. This information will enable us to better understand how the community context influences the delivery of the BFC products and will help inform product development in the future.

BFC Provider Results Dashboard
The BFC Provider Results Dashboards summarise information about who is being reached by BFC products and what they are achieving. The purpose is to support conversations that enable providers, MSD and the National BFC Trust to work together to continuously improve the results achieved with their clients.
Providers have said they are interested in receiving information that enables them to understand who they are reaching and to assess the effectiveness of their services.
Providers who opt-in to receive a BFC Provider Results Dashboard will be able to:

  • Learn from their own six-monthly dashboard what difference they are making to their clients’ lives by knowing who is being reached/not reached by each service and the results being achieved
  • Continuously improve their services based on the high-quality analysis regularly carried out during the course of the evaluation period.

The BFC Provider Results Dashboard reports findings based on data from the National BFC Trust’s Client Voices database. To be eligible for a dashboard, service providers must:

  • Be contracted to deliver BFC and its products
  • Use Client Voices for all BFC clients
  • Use the Client Outcomes Measurement Tool with all clients pre- and post- intervention
  • Sign an agreement to share de-identified client data to inform their organisation’s BFC Provider Results Dashboard.

BFC service providers that are interested in receiving a dashboard should contact Max Porozny at The dashboards will begin a piloting phase with selected providers in the coming weeks. The official roll-out date for the dashboards is to be determined.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions about the evaluation, you can reach Max Porozny by email or by phone.

Max Porozny
0800 002 577